What is PorJor 1 Inspection? And what should be inspected?

PorJor 1 Inspection? And what should be inspected?

Por Jor 1 inspection, Many people may wonder why they need to be inspected and how important it is. Can not to inspect? And if must to do, what must be inspected? Por Jor is actually crane, a machine used for lifting objects. Lift things up and down vertically and move the suspension horizontally. Before we go to looking for Por Jor 1 inspecting, why should it be inspected and what should be checked?  Everyone need to be understood what Por Jor 1 is.

Por Jor 1 is ?

  • Por Jor. Standing for Crane. You may knew about Por Jor 1 and Por Jor 2 as well. There are names of cranes types. So, 2 types of cranes as follows:



Type 1 or Por Jor. 1

  • is stationary type crane. It consists of control device and self-power supply. Por Jor 1 was mounted on the tower. Stands or may be mounted on casters such as stationary cranes or overhead cranes, freight elevators, tower cranes, hoists etc.

Type 2 or Por Jor. 2

Is a mobile crane. Consists of control device and self-power supply. Por Jor. 2 was mounted on vehicle that can be driven, such as a mobile crane, skip truck, boat crane etc.

  • Why should to check crane, The matter of ministerial regulations have established standards for safety management Occupational Health and Work Environment About machinery, cranes and boilers, the latest new law of 2021, cranes must be in suitable condition and prescribed to be tested cranes  according to lifting capacity. Moreover, there are also relevant Announcement from Department of Labor Protection and Welfare Regarding the criteria and methods for testing equipment and components of crane, 2011 as operation guideline.
  • Documentation of testing of components and equipment. Employers must provide documents, test data certified by professional. There are photographed while testing. Along with a copy of license Controlled Engineering Profession as evidence.



Por Jor 1 inspecting

why should it be inspected and what should be checked?  Basically, need to check as following:

  • Check condition of crane structure.
  • Mounting crane on solid base
  • Power system
  • Covering or blocking, rotating, moving or potentially unsafe parts.
  • Control system.
  • Condition of wire rope or chain
  • Alarm
  • Label indicating weight of the lift
  • Load Testing

Por Jor 1 Inspection must be performed by expert engineers only. At present, there are service providers to inspect Por Jor 1, Por Jor 2, all kinds of cranes. That is licensed to be controlled engineering profession as juristic. In addition, some service providers also provide comprehensive and responsive services. Crane inspection, testing and maintenance services are available. Ready to issue report on completion of PM.