5 things that cause of fire extinguishing system to damage or break up

 Cause of fire extinguishing system was broken, damaged as following:

Maintenance of fire extinguishing system to be able to use full efficiency. Extinguishing systems are important in the event of emergency in establishment. But in the event of fire, extinguishing system cannot operate at full efficiency. It will be damage to life and property without being able to appraise.

5  rules/prohibitions that will turn your fire extinguishing system into inefficient engine.

1. Dirty water used in fire extinguishing system.

  • One of reasons that fire engine was clogged in system. Heat and many others that users disregard.Water source used in fire extinguishing system is not standard.The source of water should be clean there are mainly 2 types that are commonly used.
  1. Natural sources or digging wells in establishment itself
  2. Set spare water tank for fire extinguishing system.Whatever, it is water used should be inspected for cleanliness standards.



2. Leave it for a long time completely damaged.

  • A fire extinguishing system is like a car that should not be parked for a long time without running at all. May cause engine to have various problems, How much frequency should we run tester for fire extinguishing system? The laws, Notification of the Ministry of Industry, Re: Fire Prevention and Suppression in a Factory, B.E. 2552 requires fire pumps should be tested once a week.

3. Leakage of Fire hose connector.

  • Allowing supply connector to leak water it is caused by deterioration of seal rubber. This makes water seal ineffective. causing water to seep out But this is not the end, because constant flow of water will cause pressure in pipes of sprinkler system to drop and then jockey pump that maintains  water pressure in system will operating. If  user does not have to  check, it will cause  jockey pump to breakage.



4.Never maintain/PM the fire pump system.

  • Many people disregard an importance annual maintenance of fire extinguishing system. No PM has ever been made fire suppression system to not work at its full efficency or when there is fire, the pressure of fire extinguishing water cannot be sprayed into accident area. PM is like a car maintenance that must have. air filter replacement If it does not change at all, what happens? Our car’s air conditioner is not cold. There is dust in engine system or it will be a coolant change. Many other check are important in PM fire extinguishing system so that our fire engine can operate at powerfull  when fire occurs.



5. Do not have annual certification audit.

  • The annual certification audit of fire extinguishing system will allow to know where fire extinguishing system needs to be improved and there are some problems with professional engineer in order to prevent fire extinguisher from causing serious damage that is difficult to fix in short term.Therefore, fire extinguishing system should be prepared to be in operating condition with full efficiency and regularly inspected according to advice of inspecting engineer.