What are criteria for consideration to Choose service provider fire alarm system checking?

Today, we will explains if Choosing service provider fire alarm system checking? What are criteria for consideration? Because there are too many service providers, many agencies but how to choose the best one?

Reliable service provider

  • This first important to be considered is matter of reliability. Choose only reliable fire alarm service providers. It is provider that is officially licensed to be professional controlled engineering and has also certified quality standards ISO 9001.



Comprehensive service provider

  • Choose a fire alarm service provider that offers most comprehensive services such as annual inspections, maintenance services or PM and additional services are available that facilitate for employer such as emergency exit signs installing ,emergency equipment repair, emergency lighting installation including free for after-sales service, etc.

Inspection as accordance with international standards.

  • Looking for service provider that checks fire alarm system that is effective in compliance with international standards of NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and the standard of Engineering Institute of Thailand (EIT). In addition, it must be thoroughly checked by professional team including inspection equipment must be efficiency or have been TISI calibrated. Standard equipment/tools can help maintenance plan and corrective various problem at the right point, helping to save costs.



  • Mainly,2 types of fire alarm system inspections as fire alarm inspection and equipment testing. Which will have to check and 100% test all devices if there still can work or not. Is it in good condition in the event of emergency those devices must be able to effectively to prevent the spread of fire and to stop fire in a timely. Another type is maintenance of fire alarm system. To bring equipment back to effectively working condition. Both of these should be done to ensure that system is well. When the situations where alarms are often required, the system may errors or malfunctions. Because equipment has never been regularly maintained.


  • All of this is to choose service provider of fire alarm system inspection by consider according to recommendations. The best outcome, but many people may wonder what fire alarm system inspection needs to be checked. Mainly, fire alarm system inspection service provider will check equipment about signal control panel, signal keypad, alarm bell, smoke detector and check heat detector.